Carmen Cretu: Duty Manager


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Name: Carmen Cretu
Role: Duty Manager
Skills: Human resources, speaks fluent French and Romanian

Carmen has worked at the Seacrest for a year now.  She originally qualified in Human Resources, working in the Business Sector before developing itchy feet and becoming an Air Hostess for four years, finally settling in Dubai where she ran a shop selling high-end antiques.  

Another career change found her in the corporate hospitality world, and when the opportunity to move to a smaller, more intimate hotel came along, she jumped at it. Carmen enjoys her work,  caring for our Guests and helping them to make the most of their stay.

We've been through some big life events with Carmen - we had to wait for her to begin work here as she was getting married!  She is now expecting her first baby, and will be taking some time out to be with the new arrival - we'll be looking forward to welcoming her back as soon as she's ready.  


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